Winter Wellness Glühwein

Flavour-packed + non-alcoholic

We’ve been busy creating a delicious Winter Warmer. Our Rabenhorst juice inspired non-alcoholic Glühwein (Mulled Wine) is SO GOOD – rich in natural organic goodness, antioxidants, vitamins and flavour… with the aroma and spices of German Christmas Markets! Our ‘taste-tester’ came back for more, and so did all the guests of the German Australia Business Association’s Brisbane winter networking event!

Today I’m sharing my special recipe with you … enjoy and viel Spass!! (more…)

Kaz’s Crazy Mocktail

Delicious Rabenhorst Ginger-Mix inspired mocktail

The Nott’s house is made for entertaining and there’s rarely a weekend day EVER when it’s not full of friends, family, colleagues or “we thought we’d drop in” visitors. CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Karen – aka Kaz – is the master of new and delicious creations, and since she discovered her passion for triathlons just one year ago, Champagne & Cocktails have given way to Mocktails & Podium placings. She loves a post-triathlon Rabenhorst Organic Ginger-Mix to refresh and recharge, but has now brought it to a new level with her latest Ginger-Mix inspired mocktail creation: Kaz’s Crazy Mocktail.
It’s become her ‘signature’ drink and today she shares it with us. (more…)

You voted with your tastebuds

Rabenhorst juice samples at Fine Food Australi

The results are in!

Australian food and hospitality industry representatives recently let their ‘tastebuds do the talking’ at the Fine Food Australia expo in Melbourne.

Showcasing the delicious, healthy and organic juices and smoothies from German producer, Rabenhorst, our visitors were unanimous in their approval and enjoyment of the sampled products.

Here are the real stand-out favourites of the expo, as voted by your tastebuds. (more…)

#MadeinGermany at Fine Food Australia

German food and drink industry at Fine Food Australia

When people think of ‘Made in Germany’ it’s usually Mercedes, Porsche, Siemens, innovation and engineering leaders that come to mind.

Think again. Some of their very best products are actually to eat or drink! (more…)

Rabenhorst arrives Down Under

Team Rabenhorst at Fine Food Australia

We are very excited and proud to be bringing Rabenhorst, a well-known German market leader in health juices, to Australia. Their organic juices and smoothies are not only of exceptional quality and delicious, but also backed by over 200 years of juice-making experience and innovation.

In fact, we were so thrilled that we shared the news with the entire German business community through the of German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. (more…)

Once upon a bottle …

Schloss Ahrenfels from Bad Breisig on the Rhine River, Germany

It all started a long time go, like a script from a Hollywood film : Australian girl meets German boy at a party. A week later … Australian leaves for 6 months in Europe; German leaves for the US. Will their lives ever cross again, in a world without mobile phones or social media? (more…)