German beverages bring friends and families together


Get the most out of your beverage, and create memorable moments as you entertain family & friends. We bring you experts’ insider tips, recipes, food and drink recommendations and more.

Find out the story behind our drinks, our people and our ‘family’ of businesses. Meet the cafes, delis, restaurants/bars and market stalls who love our beverages too, offering a great opportunity to enjoy their food and our drinks together in harmony.

A juicy climax to our product guide trilogy!

Rabenhorst smoothies & juices e-magazine flipping book with cherry nectar page

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Finest German Smoothies and Juices as a mouth-watering e-magazine, completing our online library – a worthy companion to German Beer and German Wine!

So many new juices introduced to our Winter 2021 range! You will be spoiled for choice in nutritious and tasty drinks to help support your winter wellbeing! Savour the fruits (and berries!) of more than 200 years of German expertise in Rabenhorst’s careful selection and sensitive processing of only the very best organic and vegan produce! (more…)

German Wine – the magazine!

German wine magazine - flipping book

Hot on the heels of our German Beer best-selling online magazine*, comes the sequel – a beautifully illustrated GERMAN WINE (flipping) book. It’s proof that the sequel is sometimes even better than the original!

Join us on this journey of discovery, stories, tradition & history, and damn good German wines! Find your personal favourite – whether a classic Riesling, rare and new grape varieties, or wines from prestigious ancient growing regions kept a secret by German wine-lovers for way too long. (more…)

A flipping great book !

German beer guide flipping book with example page

Each beer has its own story waiting to be told, and each beer is unique and different in its own way. Hot off the press, here is our first-ever brand-new best-seller*, an illustrated (flipping) book that tells all ! (more…)

Celebrate Year of the Ox – Louise’s food-drink pairing

Happy Lunar New Year from German Beverages Australia

I love Chinese & Lunar New Year. I love the festive celebrations, the banquets of exquisite dishes bringing together of family and friends for evenings on end … and I love German wines, beers and juices too.
Today, I’ve brought these together – discover my personal food+drink tips for Chinese & Lunar New Year. (more…)

Yummy Detox Gummies! Delicious “skin food”

Claire Mason's yummy detox gummies

Skin and healthy living influencer, Claire Mason, has a big and increasing social media fan base: Not only for sharing her tips, expertise and discovering wonderful new skin products & treatments – for inside and out – but also her passion for creating delicious recipes. She lives and breathes good skin health and lifestyle – and is her own best walking, talking example that “beautiful and healthy skin starts on the inside!!” (more…)

Winter Wellness Glühwein

Flavour-packed + non-alcoholic

We’ve been busy creating a delicious Winter Warmer. Our Rabenhorst juice inspired non-alcoholic Glühwein (Mulled Wine) is SO GOOD – rich in natural organic goodness, antioxidants, vitamins and flavour… with the aroma and spices of German Christmas Markets! Our ‘taste-tester’ came back for more, and so did all the guests of the German Australia Business Association’s Brisbane winter networking event!

Today I’m sharing my special recipe with you … enjoy and viel Spass!! (more…)

Kaz’s Crazy Mocktail

Delicious Rabenhorst Ginger-Mix inspired mocktail

The Nott’s house is made for entertaining and there’s rarely a weekend day EVER when it’s not full of friends, family, colleagues or “we thought we’d drop in” visitors. CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Karen – aka Kaz – is the master of new and delicious creations, and since she discovered her passion for triathlons just one year ago, Champagne & Cocktails have given way to Mocktails & Podium placings. She loves a post-triathlon Rabenhorst Organic Ginger-Mix to refresh and recharge, but has now brought it to a new level with her latest Ginger-Mix inspired mocktail creation: Kaz’s Crazy Mocktail.
It’s become her ‘signature’ drink and today she shares it with us. (more…)