“He was a wise man who invented beer.” — Plato

Every region and town in German has its own special beer styles. We searched the country, and are now bringing a fabulous range of classic German and regional beer styles from a passionate smaller brewery with a long tradition, Koblenzer, to Australia.

“Das Bier von hier” – the beer from here – is the motto of this privately-owned brewery on the banks of the Königsbach creek and Rhine River south of the Koblenz town centre. Koblenzer combines 300 years of brewing tradition and high-quality premium brews with a fresh, modern approach, continuously creating new specialty beers for different seasons and lifestyles. They not only brew exceptional beers, using environmentally-friendly and sustainable processes, but are also strong supporters of the local community.

When are where can I try them? Available NOW in Australia for wholesale to licensed businesses. Wholesale & stockist enquiries here. Ask us and we’ll keep you updated (email link)

If you require any other German beer specialties please ask us. We’re here to help.

Why Koblenzer?

  • New to the Australian market
  • Excellent range of German beer styles
  • Privately-owned with long brewing tradition
  • Continuous innovation in beer specialties

Zischke Original

A naturally fresh Kellerbier, with its traditional swing-top, perfect for sharing and enjoying with others. Zischke Original is a flavoursome, naturally cloudy and unfiltered Kellerbier in the Pilsener brew style. Its special spritzig character is created through a combination of yeast and high CO² content as well as the rich original wort content of 11.3% and its 4.8% vol. alcohol content. This premium lager beer impresses with its mild taste, slight hint of bitterness and characteristic pale colour. Zischke Original is synonymous with enjoying those special moments and experiences in life with the best of friends and family.


Zischke Dunkel – Dark

Zischke Dunkel is a smooth, malty, full-bodied Kellerbier with 13.5% original wort content and 5.4% vol. alcohol. Brewed at full moon, the classic dark brown colour of this naturally fresh Kellerbier is derived from specially prepared selected malts, and its special rich flavours through residual yeast. Its unique, almost mystical aroma remains one of nature’s secrets … and the master brewer’s! Full-bodied and rich, Zischke Dunkel is a very special brew – it is truly one of a kind.



This is a classic Pilsener style brew, rich in flavour. Brewed with best ingredients – malt, hops and brewing water – according to the German Purity Law. Natural, fresh and full-flavoured.



“Brewed according to ancient traditions, bottom-fermented, a pale style beer with full flavours. Fine malt, mild hops – an easy drinking beer. Brewed according to the German Purity Law.”

Your master brewer – Thomas Beer


Weizen – Wheat beer

A full-flavoured wheat beer; fresh and thirst-quenching. Brewed with natural ingredients and enriched with the best, carefully selected wheat malt. As aromatic and refreshing as a good wheat beer should taste.