“He was a wise man who invented beer.” — Plato

We are searching Germany high and low to bring you truly special beers and regional specialties. Explore our NEW hand-picked range of premium Classic and Specialty German beers from a passionate family-owned brewery with long traditions, Leikeim.

Proudly from the Franconia region of Bavaria, independent and, above all, family-run, Leikeim has been maintaining established traditions, and incorporating innovative modernisation since 1887. Their most important “brewing ingredients” are the unrivalled experience, expertise and dedication of their master brewers.

Leikeim is A Taste of Home : that unique “at home” feeling you experience with every sip

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CLASSIC German Beers

Each region and village in Germany has their own unique beer-brewing traditions, however these three classic German beer styles are brewed in most regions and are a great introduction to German beers.

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Pils : pilsener-style

German gold! A classic Pils: crispy, tart and tangy. This premium smooth Franconian Pils, brewed with precious aromatic hops and regional brewing barley. A subtle touch of hops at the first sip with a delicately bitter finish.
Original wort: 11.4%
Alcohol content: 4.9%

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Weizen : wheat beer

A perfect, crispy & fruity beer match. Yeast-clouded, Franconian Weizenbier — delicately sparkling. Brewed with Leikeim’s own, top-fermented yeast. For all those who like things sparkling and fruity, and the perfect refreshing brew for summer and spring … or simply for all German wheat beer fans!
Original wort: 12.3%
Alcohol content: 5.4%

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Kellerbier : lager-style

A rustic beer: unfiltered, brassy, nutty, sweet and opaque. Since Middles Ages, Franconians have been lagering their brews underground to stabilise their maturation, in caves that are naturally cool ‘cellars’, creating this great lager-style brew.
Original wort: 11.3%
Alcohol content: 4.9%

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SPECIALTY German Beers

German connoisseur brews and true rarities – think ancient beer brewing using red-hot stones – plus rich dark Schwarze (black beer). Crafted by the award-winning Leikeim family of breweries, whose dedication to brewing perfection is in their DNA and passed down through generations!

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Schwarzes : Black beer 

Savour the warm glow of hearth and home with this aromatic brew!
This bottom-fermented specialty from near the German Schwarzbier (black beer) homeland region, is full of traditional roasted flavours with rich dark colour and aromas, with a satisfying fine bitter finish.
Original wort: 11.5%
Alcohol content: 4.9%

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Steinbier : Stone beer   

Luscious liquid amber, this carefully crafted rare stone beer, by Leikeim brewery, uses one of the oldest brewing methods in the world. Malt sugar, caramelised on red-hot stones, infuses this special beer with luscious aromas. Naturally cloudy and amber in colour, it exhibits a slightly smokiness with caramel notes in the initial taste, and a hint of pleasant bitterness on the finish. A wonderful and unique beer experience … and a favourite with our customers!
Original wort : 12.8 %
Alcohol content : 5.8 %

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