Non-alcoholic beer

beer is a part of GERMAN heritage AND TRADITION

We’ve found some great-tasting non-alcoholic beers with rich flavours, perfect for the Australian market and wellness lifestyle from Leikeim and Meckatzer.
Why not try our NEW Leikeim non-alcoholic Weissbier (wheat beer), from the proud 5th generation family brewers of this popular north Bavarian craft brewery.

Where can I get these? Directly through us or at selected cafes, delis & specialty shops, bars & clubs. … or go to our Online Shop.
Looking for other German beer specialties? Please ask us. We’re here to help.

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Non-alcoholic Weissbier – Wheat Beer

This non-alcoholic brew, from award-winning Leikeim brewery, impresses with its classic wheat beer flavours and character: tangy, fruity-fresh with slightly maltiness and well-balanced acidity on the finish. A refreshing non-alcoholic alternative, and popular favourite every day for everyone – not just on hot summer days or after sport.

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Weiss-Gold – White-Gold


Meckatzer’s white-gold non-alcoholic beer combines taste and enjoyment in perfect harmony. Thanks to the expertise, brewing tradition and passion of the master brewers, it is an exceptional non-alcoholic beer.