Non-alcoholic beer

“Our beer is a part of our heritage; savour and enjoy it as A lifestyle ELEMENT” – Meckatzer brewery

(“Unser Bier ist ein Kulturgut und bewusster Biergenuss ein Stück Lebensart.”)

Our search for great tasting non-alcoholic beers with rich flavours, perfect for the Australian market and wellness lifestyle, ended when we discovered Meckatzer’s non-alcoholic beer range.

This popular regional brewery, located in the idyllic Allgäu area of Bavaria, has fast become a beer favourite outside its region and it’s no surprise why. Delicious, rich flavours and centuries of brewing expertise as well as a quest to create new varieties for a contemporary lifestyle, are key to their growing success.

Specially created for the brewery’s 275th anniversary, their Weiss-Gold non-alcoholic beer pays homage to rich brewing traditions and translates them into a modern version to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

When are where can I get them? Available NOW in Australia, directly through us, and at selected cafes, markets, delis and specialty shops. Ask us and we’ll keep you updated.

If you require any other German beer specialties please ask us. We’re here to help.

Why Meckatzer non-alcoholic beer?

  • Full-flavoured German beer
  • Excellent lifestyle drink anytime
  • Brewing tradition since 1738; Excellent regional reputation
  • Family-owned and expanding since 1853
  • Weiss-Gold range created for 275th anniversary
  • Located in Germany’s brewing heartland

Weiss-Gold – White-Gold

Meckatzer’s white-gold non-alcoholic beer combines taste and enjoyment in perfect harmony. Thanks to the expertise, brewing tradition and passion of the Meckatzer master brewers, it is an exceptional alcohol-free beer.


Hefeweizen – Wheat Beer

Brewed with eight selected malts and five finest aromatic hops, Meckatzer’s non-alcoholic wheat beer impresses with its slightly fruity, malty-aromatic character, rounded off by a smooth hint of hops. Its yeasty-fresh full-bodied flavours leave you wanting more.