Masterpieces of German distillation!

Bringing you masterpieces of German distillation using age-old traditions and only the purest sun-ripened fruits.

Proudly created by the award-winning cellar masters of Brogsitter, winemakers since over 420 years.

NEW! “Altes Stammhaus” Grand Trester !

Discover the artistry of Grand Trester – Germany’s answer to Italian Grappa – a masterpiece in every drop. This grape pomace is the result of extensive distillation expertise and careful individual storage – captivating with its delicate colour and fine smooth character enhanced by its maturity in white barrique barrels. Create the perfect post-meal moments with the velvety finesse of this worthy Grappa alternative. Experience the allure of tradition and taste the heart of the vineyards in each glass.

Alcohol content: 40%

NEW! Vineyard Peach Liquor

Freshly-picked sun-ripened peaches in a bottle!
Experience something truly special from the sunny garden areal of the Brogsitter vineyards – this exquisite Vineyard Peach Liquor. The exhilarating scent of freshly-picked sun-ripened peaches captivates, and each sip reflect the further depth of the peach orchard’s bounty. Enjoy this touch of pure, fruity indulgence with friends or of an evening – as the perfect addition to your cocktail or simply as a fine aperitif mixed with Riesling Sparkling wine.

Alcohol content: 25%