“Wine is sunlight held together by water” – Galileo Galilei

We are proud to bring you a carefully chosen selection of premium wines, many unique to Australia, from one of Germany’s leading wine houses, Brogsitter. As a family business, they are proud of their rich heritage and excellence in winemaking for over 400 years. Their winemaking is centred in the picturesque Ahr Valley, a tributary of the Rhine, and famous for exceptional Spätburgunder and Frühburgunder wines (Pinot Noir derivatives).

Brogsitter’s range of fine wines for Australia includes other well-known and not-so-known German varietal grapes: Riesling grapes from the steep slopes of the Moselle River and its tributaries, and Germany’s own 20th century ‘invention’ – red Dornfelder grapes.

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Why Brogsitter?

  • One of the oldest and most highly-regarded wineries in Germany
  • Ahr wines rarely exported, due to local demand
  • Multi award winning wines; 2009 Winery of the Year
  • Michelin star restaurant, Sanct Peter; Guest house since 1246
  • Family-owned; First to export German wine to USA (in 1860)
  • 400+ years of winemaking expertise in every bottle

Sparkling wine – SEKT

  • Pinot Brut No 1
  • Prima Rosa – Pinot Noir
  • Rotsekt Sanct Peter, halbtrocken (demi-sec red sparkling wine)


Pinot Brut No 1

This premium white ‘Sekt‘ sparkling wine is made from carefully selected grapes of the Pinot family. Brogsitter’s award-winning winemaker is particularly proud of this wine, with its spirited fruity bouquet and delicate nut tones, with finest pearl mousse. This special sparkling holds its own against true champagnes and is an excellent alternative to the Blanc de Blanc style champagnes.

Prima Rosa – Pinot Noir

This delightful sparkling Pinot Noir in a light rosé style is ideal for Australian summer days. Delicate fruit with a pleasantly crisp finish it is neither too sweet nor too dry but appeals to both white and red wine enthusiasts. Ideal as aperitif, as intermezzo between courses or accompanying desserts.

Rotsekt Sanct Peter

halbtrocken (demi-sec red sparkling wine)
Named after the historic Michelin-star restaurant “Sanct Peter” in Germany’s Ahr Valley – owned by Brogsitter – this fruity German Pinot Noir sparkling is a well-balanced and refreshing alternative for red wine drinkers in summer or simply to enjoy through the year.

White Wine – Weisswein

  • Organic Riesling, Feinherb (off-dry)
  • Trittenheimer Apotheke – Riesling Spaetlese


Organic Riesling

Feinherb (off-dry)
This is definitely a very special organic Riesling, true in Riesling character and of exceptional German excellence. The winemaker has excelled in developing intense yet perfectly-balanced Riesling flavours that set new benchmarks in organic wine excellence.

Trittenheimer Apotheke – Riesling Spaetlese

A Riesling for the most discerning fans of premium German wine – displaying all the characteristics and complexity, together with depth of flavour only found in the finest of German Rieslings. Late-picked grapes from the world renown “Trittenheimer Apotheke” Riesling slopes produce this beautiful wine.


  • Terra Noir – Blauer Portugieser Rosé, feinherb (off dry)


Terra Noir – Blauer Portugieser Rosé

feinherb (off-dry)
The German grape, Blauer Portugieser, produces rosé wines of real depth of flavour and character, and is a new and wonderful alternative to classic French style rosés. Perfectly suited to Australian climates and tables for both white and red wine lovers, we are proud to be one of the very first to bring this German rosé experience to Australia!

Red Wine – Rotwein

  • Hommage – Frühburgunder (Pinot Madeleine)
  • Ad Aram – Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)
  • Dornfelder, trocken (dry)


Hommage – Frühburgunder (Pinot Madeleine)

A true homage in name and winemaking to the best of German red wines and to Germany’s red-wine home, the Ahr Valley. This member of the Pinot Noir family is a specialty of this small yet exceptional wine-growing area, a tributary of the Rhine near the Moselle River, and presents an impressive red wine experience.

Ad Aram – Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

A beautiful rich red wine from Germany’s best pinot noir area, the Ahr Valley. Different from classic heavier French or Australian styles, it displays depth and complexity of character with delicious mellow undertones. A red wine to savour with the best of company.


trocken (dry)
A relatively new grape variety, Dornfelder was first cultivated in Germany in the mid-1950s. Its deep red colour and rich yet not overpowering flavour has made it one of Germany’s favourite easy-drinking red wines. As a result, most of the wine production is snapped up by the locals and is rarely found outside Germany.

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